Imagine this

It‘s Monday morning, you just had your weekly team meeting
and are back in your office.
• Your intray is empty; no new internal emails coming in.
• The team is heads down tapping away, even
the “challenging“ ones are productive.
• You look into your calendar and there is space
where the fire fighting sessions used to be.
• You look into your Team Management System
to check on progress. All targets on green.
Perfect, all done, all good. And well done.
• You feel the smile spread across your face and a
full sense of satisfaction as you head out the door
for your favorite café for your morning espresso to
deliberate on strategy.


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Team development

What clients are saying

"Before we worked with Zarmina we had a hard working team that sometimes hit targets and sometimes not. Now we hit our targets with confidence 97% of the time."

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