ALIGNOMETRY®: Why and When?

8 Reasons why to choose ALIGNOMETRY®:

There are a row of 8 established guidelines that do not get compromised in this approach.

  1. Alignometry® has a curated and proven 10 part process model of goal-setting, interviews, analysis, feedback, recommendation and intervention.

  2. Measurable team alignment is guaranteed in 90 days based on agreed success measures.

  3. A full day of diagnostic upfront leads to more precise, tailored and targeted project planning.

  4. Best practice methods of inquiry, diagnosis and intervention are embedded in the plan. Our methods are not only effective, they are also easy to comprehend and implement.

  5. The focus is on the easy, simple and natural and on what is right and good and makes perfect sense.

  6. Alignometry is holistic, human-centric, creativity and strength-oriented. Talent will be seen and used.

  7. Learning is ingrained in the substance of the project. Your knowledge about teams and performance management will be noticeably positively impacted by the project.

  8. You get me as your sparring partner, not a licensee or a trainee, 5 days a week and in emergencies asap.

When to choose ALIGNOMETRY®:

ALIGNOMETRY® builds best on a strong and relatively urgent need for a resolution for a team situation.

The need should be strong enough to propel the team forward, a „burning platform” of sorts. Typically this is:

  1. A restructuring initiative, mergers, and acquisitions or change in team members or team leaders

  2. Growing competition, stagnating or falling income or ROI, etc.


ALIGNOMETRY® can also be used in other less pressing but nevertheless important situations. You as the leader will want to effectively steer the organization and your teams in the right direction at all times, therefore you can choose ALIGNOMETRY® to

  1. re-formulate company vision and strategy while involving all organizational leaders.

  2. incorporate a significant trend like e.g. digitalization and process orientation which requires eliminating boundaries and silos and a new way of thinking.

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