Pimp Your Brain Series: Details

Thanks for your continued interest. Here are further details about the series.

Pimp Your Brain aims to provide a process for ongoing mental clarity and further development of mental performance. In five modules that build on each other, together we create awareness for pitfalls, and offer strategies for coping and resolution.
Module 1: "The Machine" / How we are built

We take stock of current topics and challenges, talk about personalities, talents, primary motivations, and other relevant aspects of the self.

Module 2: "The Operating System" / How we perceive and interpret

We deal with socialization and resulting beliefs, expectations, values, character, and self-image.

Module 3: "The Engine" / How we think and feel

We investigate which factors lead to decisive, inspired action, and which factors lead to uncertainty, confusion, even destruction. We deal with the choice between inspired thinking and confused thinking clear.

Module 4: "Performance" / How and how well we do

We learn how to measure and conserve our energy and how we can manage and maintain transactions and relationships. Our ability to enjoy life is also part of the discussion.

Module 5: "Maintenance / How we stay on track

We describe the vision for the next stage, set goals, recognize triggers, and manage conflicts confidently to implement all plans despite adversity.

The five online and interactive modules take place together with me every two weeks. Each lasts 1.5 hours and takes place in late afternoon or evening by arrangement. You will receive a preparation email before each module. Between modules, you will have time to gain experience. The number of seats is limited. First come, first served. There is a 20% discount for early bookings until March 15, 2020, and for former coaching clients. The next series starts on April 1, 2020.


If this works for you, please contact me for cost and registration.


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