Pimp Your Brain Series - Intro

I often think that we have to "pimp" our brains to cope better with everyday life. Not that our thoughts are entirely unstructured, but in interactions with others in our surroundings during the day, there are so many potential traps that can lead us to stressful thoughts and emotions, which can keep us going in circles. It can lead to standstill; it surely does not lead to growth. Attention and care are appropriate when it comes to thinking and feeling. I experience this daily, with myself and also in working with others.

I know "pimping" sounds out of place, but I do mean it that way. We have to revamp, improve, and freshen up our thinking continually. Despite the shortage of time, we have to find ways to keep our inner world of thought sparkling and optimized for performance. So much depends on it: success, good relationships, health, happiness, and inner peace. In everything, it is the quality of our thoughts and decisions that makes the difference.

It makes me happy to see the relaxation in other persons' faces when their thoughts click neatly into place. Only with mental relaxation and right thinking, can good ideas come, stay, and thrive and shape life positively.

Coaching clients that I have already worked with often ask me for a feasible low-effort way to keep in touch and retain the impact of the coaching for longer. With this in mind, I have created the "Pimp Your Brain" series. In 5 interactive online modules of 1.5 hours every two weeks, we go through all potential trap falls of clear thinking. The byproduct of which is also a rise in self-awareness. For interested parties and new clients it is an easy first step.
The series does not replace Systematic Personal Coaching; rather it is an add-on.

It is possible to book one-on-one or group meetings (max. 6 people, fixed group).

If this is for you, please contact me. You will then receive further details about the content and registration.
Early bookers until March 15, 2020, and former coaching clients receive a discount. The next series starts on April 1, 2020.


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