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Quick Check - Just One Day

Updated: Mar 28

Every organisation tells its story quite quickly. That is my experience. If you go about it systematically, the signs become apparent. Actually just one day will do to assess the immediate surface pain points.

Walking around one can observe the state of the mind of the organisation, e.g. by the level of kindness and respect shown to strangers at reception, by body postures of employees or by attention paid to detail in room furnishings and setup. Desktops communicate the quality and state of work flow. Well functioning IT -even for just visitors- symbolizes good leadership, prioritisation skills and general preparedness. The internal state of "housekeeping" will match the external state of success.

The next level of inquiry are conversations with key individuals. Five in-depth semi-structured conversations are usually enough. The details picked up and some reflection and analysis will lead to a recommendation about what is truly important and what to do next.

Some organisations don't need more.


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