• Dr. Zarmina Penner

Common remedies for business concerns

Updated: Mar 28

Here are the 7 most common remedies used by business leaders when faced with a nagging business concern:

1.    Trying out new learned tactics to improve leadership and management

2.    Undertaking team off-sites to improve spirits and communication

3.    Influencing team members, e.g. hiring, firing, coaching, mentoring

4.    Changing jobs and roles to change the context, i.e. leaving the problem

5.    Hiring consultant teams for deep problem analysis and a comprehensive report

6.    Trying to fix the situation yourself by small behavioural changes

7.    Counting days to retirement or waiting for a solution to suddenly appear 

While I do very much admire leaders who do not give up and try and try again. In the long run, however, it creates action fatigue and disenchantment in teams. Hope falters. Nothing seems to work. Why? Because business are holistic in nature. Everything is linked. No one thing on its own will do the job.

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