• Dr. Zarmina Penner


Updated: Mar 28

Basically, you can let go. This is the impact you will notice.

Come Sunday afternoon you think of the week ahead with a smile on your face when you see the happy faces of your team in your mind’s eye. Even the usually most difficult ones seem to have relaxed and be more into their work. You look into your calendar, except for the weeks kickoff meeting and the regular jour fixes there is space where the fire fighting sessions used to be. 
Clean white space. Now what? You have a new problem. What to do with your time? You think, this is quite a nice problem to have and smile. You open your strategy notebook and start reading the notes you had collected over the past months. Elation sets in. At last. Quickly you jot the word “Strategy” in the white space and wait for more inspiration to come. You do not need to wait long.

You jot down your thoughts, close your notebook and go back to your family.

Beside other things, quality of life is a valid and telling KPI.

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