This book is for those who want to change things for the better in their organizations. For leaders who have the power to signal the need for change. For those working closely with the leader and are observing things that need to change and want to act on their instincts. For anyone working anywhere in an organization who is interested in the daily running and improvement of their organization. In essence, it is a book for people who are fascinated by organizations and do not give up easily if they recognize potential that could still be harnessed. This book will help you to anticipate more of what is required for the implementation of true change and business transformation with less struggle and effort.

The book consists of two parts. The first part is about my journey and about the why. A personal narrative with anecdotes. The second part is about applying the learnings. It is about the how. It is more concise and can be used as a recipe for transformation.

Book 1: The Making of a Framework

Book 2: Framework for Transformation

The book is a downloadable file.

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