We don't publish names to protect the identity and privacy of our clients, except if they wish to do so themselves.
In case of interest, references can be named.

"I was introduced to Zarmina by a trusted colleague and this led me to explore Zarmina’s approach to coaching. 

Over a period of a few weeks, I went through an extremely comprehensive series of information sharing, discussion, and building a thorough picture of my ethos, habits, style, and nature.


Having worked in senior leadership positions with responsibility for large teams and P & L’s for the majority of my career I can safely say that this has been the most comprehensive and rewarding coaching experience I have had to date. 


It was only made possible through a combination of Zarmina’s ability to gain trust and the various techniques she has skillfully designed. This powerful combination is made possible because of Zarmina’s unique experience, expertise, and a personal passion for bringing insights designed to empower others.  


I have emerged from this experience stronger, more self-aware, and able to navigate the ebbs and flow of, not only my professional life but also my personal relationships. 


If it were possible, I would recommend everyone has the benefit of this experience and working with Zarmina to discover how to approach achieving fulfillment in life."


Founder & Business Owner

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